Pixel Generation's Studio specializes in computer generated character animation and interactive technologies.

Pixel Generation develops original entertainment software products, proprietary development tools and offers a wide range of services, including conceptualization, consulting, programming, and a full production studio. The studio offers character development/modeling, motion capture/blending, and animation capabilities.

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  • Kristi Yamaguchi's Fantasy Ice Skating CASE STUDY:
    Kristi Yamaguchi's Fantasy Ice-Skating game.
    Q2 1998
    When New Jersey-based Morningstar Multimedia started looking for a CG house to assist in the creation of their upcoming title, they looked no farther than across the Hudson River, in the shadows of Silicon Alley. There they found Pixel Generation, a character animation graphics boutique catering to the needs of the entertainment market.
    Pixel Generation consulted on this project from its earliest stages, and ultimately provided all of the moving imagery for the final product. US Olympic Gold Medalist figure-skater Kristi Yamaguchi was motion captured, modeled, and recreated in an entirely digital world. This would involve bicoastal motion capture tests and shoots, a laser-scan of the subject, the creation of a CG body, head, and texture maps, as well as the modeling and texturing of several unique environments. Kristi's Cyberscan EARLY MORNING AT THE RINK
    Ms. Yamaguchi goes over the shot list with Director Remington Scott.
    The most challenging part of this project was capturing the fluidity and beauty of the artist's movements and translating them into the cold realm of computer graphics. Then there was the problem of an optical motion capture shoot in the cold world of ice-skating (pun fully intended), where reflections from the ice ghosted the real of the many issues inherent in such technical shoots that were overcome by our group.

    Kristi's MoCap CHARACTER
    ON ICE!

    A quick video of some of the capture sessions.
    1.9Mb QT or 1.9Mb AVI
    A combination of polygonal and NURBS modeling techniques were used to create the model of Kristi, matching her measurements. Custom algorithms were coded to manipulate motion data to ease the tweaking which is always necessary with motion data.
    SoftImage 3D Extreme was used for the modeling and animation of this project, with the MentalRay renderer for final output, multiprocessing on either an in-house 24-processor Onyx or our P6 render farm. Rendered files were burned onto CD's or FTP'd to the client over our T1.

    The results can be seen throughout our web pages, and the full product is being distributed by GT Interactive and hit stores in time for the Winter Olympics in early '98. If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Kristi's Cyberscan TRY NOT TO MOVE... Kristi sits still for a Cyberscan of her head, which was used to generate a rough polygonal model and a low-resolution texture map of her head and face.